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Retiring the ARK server


Dear RageQuitters,

Due to the dwindling population of the ARK server, it has been decided that the hardware can best be used for other projects in the future.
After the Hibernia tribe left the server this week we were down to less then 5 active players. 5 players is not enough to justify the cost of keeping the server online. We have tried and failed the attract new players for several weeks now. We are sorry it has to come to this.

A backup of the saves will be provided so that players can continue playing on their own machine or start a server of their own.

We would like to invite you to the end of server event on Saturday 28/11/2015. There will be dragons and we’re going to blow some stuff up. A backup of the world will be created beforehand.

Thank you for choosing RageQuit and we hope to see you on our other servers.

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