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Survivors seeking shelter from offline PvDoor

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    Hello RageQuitters!

    We are a couple from Belgium that started to play Ark like a week ago.
    Within this week I already ragequitted!! ^^
    Hours of work destroyed in one night of being offline, I guess I dont have to explain this drama…
    So we stepped away from the official servers and are now looking for a fun unofficial one.
    I do love PvP (just not PvDoor), so PVE-only servers are no option for me and I also dont like the servers that only allow raids between certain hours (its still unfair imho: big tribes vs lone wolfs, timezones, …).
    So my question: If we start on RageQuit server, will we find our wooden base without turrets or dinos destroyed when we log on after a night? Or does it happen A LOT?

    Greetings from newbie survivors 🙂



    I’d say the server is pretty chill. PvP does happen but only between the established tribes.
    New players are left alone.

    We have quite a few tribes on hiatus now. They’ve grown tired of the game and are waiting for new content. Those were the ones most active in PvP. I’d say we have about 4-5 tribes actively playing now, with a few others occasionally logging in to feed dinos and hang around in chat for a while. As it’s a bit calmer now, it’s a great time to start actually.

    The rules prohibit excessive destruction of a base, so should it happen an admin will restore your stuff anyways.


    Also we have a cool starter pack 😀


    Sounds great, will be logging in soon 😉
    Where can we claim the starter pack :p
    Restore my stuff? Didn’t know that was possible…
    Much to learn 🙂

    Thanks for the answer and see u soon on the Ark!!

    Oh our names will be 1/2 and 2/2

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