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    Hello all,

    As you know we try our best to keep everyone happy, one of the things we do to this purpose is to tweak the server settings.

    We got some feedback saying our server was too easy, that farming was a bit slow and that dinos were too weak.

    Because of this we were thinking of tweaking the settings:
    + dino dmg – not too much, like 1 or 2
    + resources – also not too much, 1 or 1,5
    (maybe) + dino spawn

    What is your opinion? Are the dinos too easy to kill? Does it take too long to gather resources?
    We would really appreciate your opinion on this before we make the changes or not.

    Let us know! And survive on!


    I wouldn’t mind dinos getting a dmg boost. Resource gathering I find it all good as it is. If the resource gathering gets up, bases reconstruction gets quicker, especially if you have a big tribe. So if there’s really a lot of demand, please don’t go over than 1 🙁



    My tribe and I came from a server with higher resource gathering and we didn’t like it, because it made everything too easy and too fast, so we would prefer it the way it is right now.

    Raising the Dino damage by 50% is nothing we would object though on the other hand. 🙂

    Cheers, Hibernia Tribe

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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks loads for your answers!
    We’ll wait a few more days before we make the changes to see if more people react.



    I agree wild dinos could use more dmg, not sure about the spawn rate though. I noticed some places can be quite crowded with dinos as it is.


    Hi, just as discussed in the game, it would be nice, if trees and stuff would regrow closer to foundations and structures.

    Cheers, Aine


    updated server setings can be found on this topic

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