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    Found these usefull (beginner) tips on Reddit, most of them are really usefull!

    Turn ground clutter to 0. It boosts performance and makes finding rocks you can pick up so much easier (you’ll be thankful when you’re running for your life trying to pick up rocks when your slingshot has run out of ammo).
    My typical order of doing things on a fresh spawn: Collect half a dozen stones, Start picking bushes for 15+ fiber, punch trees to get 1 wood and 10 thatch (this is sometimes the most grueling 60 seconds of your life if you’ve done it dozens of times before and the game won’t give you that 10th thatch), craft Pickaxe, harvest wood and thatch from 1 tree, fully harvest 1 rock, craft Hatchet, hunt Coel or Dodo for meat, make campfire and spear. You’re ready to go. When you can, craft 2 waterskins and put them in your hotbar.

    Use the same hotbar setup, one that you like, on every character you play. Makes swapping between tools automatic. I use a gamepad, so I put spears at 1 since that’s the easiest direction to push quickly in my experience, which you’ll need when you’re cutting wood and suddenly attacked. Put your melee weapon on the key/position that is most automatic to you, and always keep it there. A mis-selection of a tool could cost you your life.
    Hunt Coels and Dodos to get the first pieces of meat. Commonly known tactic but needlessly mentioned. Meat is a much denser food source than berries, and you’ll want it as soon as possible.
    Craft a waterskin ASAP if you plan on exploring inland. Dehydration will be the end of you if you find yourself far from water with predators hunting you down.

    Don’t use your spear to kill Dodos or Coels until resources become disposable to you. Spears randomly break and it’s a waste of resources in the first half hour to re-craft your spears because you broke them on a Dodo. Kill it with your axe or hatchet, it’ll take one or two more swings but they are much more durable tools.

    Remember the alternate attack of spears: throwing. They do 260% more damage when thrown, and in my experience they seem to break less often (possibly because they’re used less than when you repeatedly stab something). Not only do you look like a badass, but you can dispatch prey from a distance and kill it quicker. Just don’t throw your last spear, you should always have a melee weapon on you at all times.

    Each tool harvests about 4:1 of each resource. Pick harvests: Meat, Thatch, Flint. Hatchet harvests: Hide, Wood, Stone.

    Need resources? Beaches have lots of stones lying around, and I’ve found the trees on beaches to be more resource-dense than ones in forests (which makes no sense but whatever it’s the game).

    Don’t waste your hatchet trying to get stone if you live near a beach. Just pick up the rocks, it’s a lot faster.

    Stab and walk backwards. Stab and walk backwards. This will save you in any fight with a smaller carnivore (Dilo, Scorpion, Raptor, Piranha). You’ll get the hang of it once you start doing it, but using this method and the range your spear gives you, you can dispatch any of the small carnivores without getting your head bitten off. Slower predators like scorpions and dilos also seem very susceptible to you moving in a circle or zig-zag fashion backwards, and I’ve found that I can dispatch a scorpion with only a spear while taking no hits this way.

    A lot of people recommend to use rocks as your friends when fighting off dinos. This is true. Use the altitude to your advantage. Just keep in mind Raptors can both jump and climb frighteningly well, and trikes seem to be able to head-butt you on your rock. So use caution when you’re standing on the top of that rock. They might still be able to get you.
    Dilos rear their head when they’re about to spit. Don’t get spat. You’ll get used to the timing of it, but always sidestep their spitting as they spit, and you won’t go blind anymore.

    Get a pet Dodo or Dilo early on and keep it at your house as your personal butler. The spoilage timers on items gets a 4x multiply when placed in an animal’s inventory, so use them to keep all your berries or meat from spoiling.

    Always carry 3 or 4 spears on your person until you get a pike. Spears break randomly. Sometimes twice in a row. You do not want to be fighting off a Scorpion and have your second of two spears break on you. The logic is this: 1-2 to throw, 1 to have break on you, and 1 to finish the kill.

    Throwing spears does a lot more damage than stabbing. One study on players, damage done to a naked body on the chest, demonstrated 30 damage per stab and 80 damage per throw. Throw spears at the head for greater effect.
    Want to kill one of those pesky Pteranodons at a low level? Tired of them flying away when you launch a rock or a spear jab at them? Thrown spear or arrow to the head will do the trick.

    Whenever you’re walking or running, always spam the “use” button (E) to harvest from plants and pick up rocks. That way whenever you’re adventuring around and sightseeing/going from point A to point B/exploring, you’ll come back home with resources too. Less time spent deliberately harvesting every plant you see later on. This also helps passively build up a stock of resources for when you suddenly need them.

    When you’re hunting fast herbivores like Phiomia and Parasaurs, your only real chance as a low level is to corner them against a rock or a tree, and then repeatedly stab until dead. They can easily outrun you until you get a raptor, so if you hunt them, try to attack them towards rocks. Keep in mind neither fear water, so you can’t corner them against a river, they’ll just swim to the other side.

    Sometimes dinos, particularly Trikes and Scorpions, get stuck on the smaller trees on beaches. If you see one stuck, take advantage and attack them from range with spears, stones, or arrows, and enjoy the free kill.

    Be careful with your tool or weapon swings near large herbivorous defensive animals like Trikes and Stegos. One miss swing or a lag/glitch and you have an angry animal that you likely cannot kill easily on your own. Bonus danger to you if the animal has friends around. They’ll all come after you. That said, run away for a short bit and they lose interest. Thankfully.

    Trikes and Carbonemys take a LOT of stones to knock out. A lot. They also do considerable damage to a low level. Only hunt if you have a friend or a pack of Dilos, etc. to help you out, you probably can’t take it alone, and if you try to, it’ll take way longer than it’s worth, if they don’t also kill you in the end.
    Always check the inventory of Raptors, Scorpions, and carnivores on up for any loot they might be carrying. Sometimes you can get your hands on some tranq arrows as a level 10, which will come in handy in the 15-20 range of levels before you can make them.
    Unlock the Pestle and Mortar and Narcotics as soon as you can. At a base 2xp per narcotic, these will be your mainstay for spamming xp to level up, especially once you have a Trike or Stego to get lots of berries.

    Build your base or a sub-base in close proximity to a lot of berry bushes. My favorite spot is in the southwestern part of the Southpaw. Trikes and Stegos aren’t exactly very speedy, and harvesting these bushes en masse to get narcoberries for narcotics is a great activity for xp gain and to help with taming. Just don’t build it so close that the bushes don’t respawn.
    Build your base or a subbase near metal. Metal is heavy. At 1 pound per ore, and 2 needed to make an ingot, metal is annoying to have to lug far distances, since fast dinos don’t have that much carrying capacity and slow dinos are slow. Once you hit level 20/25, you’re gonna find yourself needing metal for tools, guns, perhaps your latest structure upgrade. Build close to it, but obviously not next to it or it won’t respawn.

    Need spoiled meat for taming Scorps or making narcotics? Split stacks of meat that expire soon into individual pieces. They’ll all have the same spoilage timer and will all turn at once, giving you 20 spoiled meat instead of just one. Obviously don’t do this if you want to keep the meat in raw form, and don’t do it to cooked meat unless you have that in greater supply.

    Don’t chop down all the trees and harvest all the bushes around your base. They don’t respawn in a 75m radius or so. This is more a personal preference but I think bases with absolutely no vegetation around the entire surrounding area look bad and out of place. Since they don’t grow back, you can’t exactly try it out and then change your mind when you don’t like the look of no plants for 75m in all directions. So clear what you need to to build your base and have easy navigation in and out with your dinos, and leave the rest.

    If you’re going to farm, only plant narcoberries and maybe mejoberries until late game. The others don’t have much use to you (aren’t used for taming, not very efficient food source by weight), and are only used in dyes. The volumes you get from simply hand-collecting and using your dinos will be far more than enough to suit your needs, so don’t waste a crop plot on them.
    If you have a nearly full inventory after doing some exploring and collecting, come back home. Don’t go to that one extra place. Come back home. Even if it isn’t getting dark just yet. You will die. There are things lurking around the unexplored corners that will kill you. Raptors, Carnos, Scorpions, maybe even a Rex or Spino. They will kill you. Turn back and bring your things home, especially if you are far from home.

    Keep a box next to your bed containing all the basic items you need to recover when you respawn. All your basic tools, including both ranged and melee weapons. Torch. A stack of food. At least 1 waterskin. Whether you’re tracking down your corpse or you’re giving up on it and forget about it, this chest will allow you to get back on your feet instantly.

    Keep that chest restocked. You’re going to respawn, take everything out, and recover your corpse. Come back home. Don’t keep exploring. Restock the chest before you go out again. You will quite possibly die again soon, and then you’ll respawn with no immediately ready supplies and two players’ worth of stuff on a corpse. With no waterskin and weapon, recovering that corpse will be much more difficult, and you probably won’t have time to search out the supplies to re-create them all, as your bag has a decay timer, and every second counts.

    If you see a predator and you’re a low level, turn and run in a different direction. You think you can take it, but chances are there’s another predator nearby and they will gang up on you and kill you. Only engage if you have lots of room to backpedal and you know they are the only thing in the area that wants to kill you. Especially with the new Titanomyras, it’s easy to get caught between two or more predators.

    I have an unconfirmed theory that the map is divided into zones that have a specific predator population count set up with a crude point system, where each zone has a set of points that are filled with dinos of various points, i.e. Dilos are 1 and Rex are 4, so a zone with a set value of 5 points will either have a Rex and a Dilo or 3 Dilos and a Raptor or a Scorp and a Raptor or 5 Dilos, but usually never 5 Scorps plus dilos or more than 2 Rexes, etc. This may take into account tamed dinos, as I have noticed that in areas where I started amassing tamed predators, the number of wild predator spawning nearby decreased drastically (to the point where my base with many Raptors, a Spino, Dilos, etc. resulted in 0 predator spawns on the entire Southpaw). May also work with herbivores. Note that different regions have different “set points,” as some are routinely super populated and others are routinely sparse, some have lots of predators and some have very few.

    Life Saving Pro Tip: Always carry with you 1-2 wooden spiked walls, especially before you get a fast mount. The magic of these bad boys is you can place them in the path of an oncoming Rex, Spino, or Carno, and the dinos will walk straight into them, take damage, and start trying to “fight” it, almost always resulting in their death (I have personally killed Rexes with just one wooden spike wall on normal settings). This will absolutely save your life (or your tame!) if a large predator is bearing down on you. Could work with raptors/scorpions as well, although they’re a little easier to take down with just a spear, even as a newbie.

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