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    Hi All,

    I noticed that the old taming guide topic was a bit outdated so I decided to start a new one.
    This one is from the Ark Wiki.
    Don’t forget to check out the cheat-sheets topic for the eggs and kibble.

    Creatures on the island can be tamed and used for various purposes. Uses for tamed animals include riding, item transportation, storage, hunting, harvest, and defending property while you are offline. Most items placed in a tamed creature’s inventory will take much longer to spoil than they would otherwise.

    Taming Basics
    Violent Taming
    First, render the creature unconscious. This can be achieved through the following methods:
    Punching the creature with your bare hands. This is the most basic, albeit least effective, way to knock out dinos.
    Using a Slingshot or a Bow/Crossbow/Compound Bow with Tranquilizer Arrows.
    Stinging the creature with a Scorpion.

    Once the creature is unconscious, open its inventory and feed it an appropriate food item by dragging food into its inventory and waiting for the creature to eat it. The food needed to tame it will vary based on the creature you are trying to tame. Keep plenty of food in the animal’s inventory while taming; if the creature runs out of food, the taming bar will begin to go down until it gets more food. Force feeding them anything other than Narcoberries or Narcotic will fill their hunger but will not effect the taming bar, effectively making the tame take longer.
    Every time the animal raises its head to eat, the Taming bar increases. Herbivores will eat Berries when their hunger falls 30 points and Advanced Advanced Crops when it falls 40 points. Carnivores will eat Raw Meat when their hunger falls 50 points.
    All applicable creatures will eat Kibble when their hunger falls 80 points.
    If a creature’s preferred food is in it’s inventory, they will wait for their hunger to decrease enough for them to eat it, even if other food is present.
    Keep the creature unconscious throughout the process. The Unconscious bar decreases with the creature’s Torpor, and can be refilled with Narcoberries or Narcotic. Narcoberries will raise torpor by 8 points over 3 seconds, and Narcotic will raise it by 40 points over 16 seconds. The creature will not voluntarily eat these items, and so they must be force fed by clicking the “remote use item” in the creatures inventory.

    Nonviolent Taming
    (Only 3 creatures are currently able to be tamed nonviolently: Ichthyosaurus, Mesopithecus, and Gigantopithecus)

    Put the food you plan to feed to the creature in the far-right slot of your hotbar.
    Approach the creature and press the use key (default:E) to feed it when prompted.
    If touched during the taming process, Gigantopithecus will attack and Mesopithecus will run.
    Wait for the creature to become hungry enough to eat again. This can take varying amounts of time depending on the creature in question and the food you are feeding it.

    Taming Effectiveness
    Taming Effectiveness refers to the number of bonus levels the creature will gain when it is successfully tamed. It does not have any effect on the taming speed of the dinosaur. The initial taming effectiveness is 100%, and decreases whenever the creature eats the food left in its inventory or takes damage while unconscious. Taming effectiveness decays exponentially, meaning that the lower it is, the less it drops[citation needed]. Feeding a creature their preferred food will not only tame them faster, but in some cases have less of an effect on taming effectiveness. Most creatures also have a preferred Kibble, which will be the fastest taming food and have little to no effect on taming effectiveness.

    Animal Level and Stats
    * Animals spawn with a level of 1 to 120 (1 to 90 on our server), depending on the difficulty level of the server.
    * For every level above 1, the animal has an improvement made at random to one of its base stats. Usually one stat in particular will have been upgraded naturally.
    * Any animal, once tamed, can be leveled up 50 times. This means if you tame a level 1 animal, it will cap at level 51 and not level up anymore, but an animal tamed at level 30 may reach level 80.
    * Lower level animals are generally easier and less dangerous to render unconscious, and it is faster (and requires less food and drugs) to tame them.
    * Beginning players may want to target lower level animals to save time and resources, especially for early game mounts and pack animals such as Phiomias.
    * Established players may want to target higher level animals, as their beginning stats (and thus max-level stats) will be higher. It is common for ‘end game’ hunters to stalk specific dinos (sometimes with specific colors) within a few levels of a server’s cap, knock them out, and then inspect their stats. If their random improvements have gone to less useful stats, the hunter may kill or abandon the unconscious dino and search for another.
    * Which improvements are desirable will depend on the animal’s species and intended use. For instance, it is usually pointless to level up melee damage on a Parasaur intended as a pack animal, while this may be the most important stat for a hunting Raptor or a siege Rex.
    * The amount of XP an animal needs to earn to level up is the same, regardless of the level it was at when tamed. Eg, the same amount of XP will take an animal tamed at level 1 to level 2, or tamed at level 26 to level 27, etc.
    * Tamed animals will earn XP slowly even while doing nothing, just like the player. The player gets additional XP equal to half the XP earned by an animal they are riding, so it’s a good idea to sit on a dino while AFK.

    Taming Hints
    * One Narcoberry will increase an animal’s Torpor by 8. One Narcotic increases torpor by 40. A Tranquilizer Tranquilizer Arrow fired by an ordinary bow will increase torpor by about 100, but deals damage.
    * In an emergency, if you run out of Narcotics and Narcoberries, you can punch or slingshot the animal in the head to keep it unconscious, or shoot it with a Tranquilizer Arrow. However, this will damage the creature, thereby reducing taming effectiveness and the amount bonus levels gained. It could also kill the creature if you aren’t careful.
    * Be sure they have food at all times. If they run out of food, their taming meter will fall rapidly until it reaches zero.
    * An unconscious animal will remain unconscious until the torpor reaches 0. If it wakes up, you will lose all taming progress, plus any items that were in the animal’s inventory.
    * Different animals lose torpor at different rates (for example, a Spinosaur loses torpor very quickly) and because taming takes longer for higher levels, more Narcotics are needed.
    * Taming can take up to several hours. Keep an eye out for other players or predators, as they may try to harm your unconscious creature.
    * Your tamed animals can die from starvation even while you are offline, so be sure there is enough food in their inventory. However, like players, inactive animals will use food very slowly.

    For Carnivores
    All Carnivores prefer Raw Prime Meat over anything other than their favorite Kibble, and it will tame them faster than regular Raw Meat. The creatures that drop prime meat are:


    Raw Prime Meat is 4 times faster than normal Raw Meat. Cooked Prime Meat is only 2 times faster.

    For Herbivores
    Try to feed them their favorite berry to increase taming speed and keep taming effectiveness high.
    Herbivores will eat Advanced Crops, but Berries are more effective for most herbivores.
    Herbivores will not voluntarily eat Narcoberries or Stimberries.
    Stimberries will only decrease torpidity and cause the creature to wake up faster.

    For Most Creatures
    Most creatures have a preferred Kibble that will raise the taming meter much faster than their favorite foods while almost halting the Taming Effectiveness decay. Kibbles are created by combining an egg, jerky, one of the Advanced Advanced Crops, 2 Mejoberries, 3 Fiber, and a filled Waterskin or other water container in a cooking pot.
    The type of egg, jerky, and crop will vary based on which kind of kibble you are trying to create.
    Kibbles make taming 5 times faster for every creature that prefers one except for Brontos, which are tamed 8 times faster using kibbles.

    Taming Table
    This is a summary of the needed resources to tame Dinosaurs and Creatures of ARK. The amount of resources needed will be dependent on the level of the beast itself. The food will vary based on a large number of things. You should always bring more food and narcotics than you think you need.

    Herbivbor Taming Table

    View post on

    Carnivore Taming Table

    View post on

    The following creatures are currently not able to be tamed: All tames can be “force-tame” by admins.
    Alpha Predators
    *Although their dossiers imply that these creatures are tamable, they currently are not.

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