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RageQuit ARK server

The ARK server has been discontinued. The information below is only present for nostalgic purposes.

About our ARK PVP server

As with all our servers, our ARK: Survival Evolved server is located in a datacenter in Roubaix (France), close to the Belgian border. We utilize the highly acclaimed OVH network to ensure low pings and we run the game server on a dedicated machine to ensure the highest possible performance.

We support the gaming by having an active staff and admins are frequently online. After a game client update, the server is immediately patched to allow players to immediately continue playing with the new content installed. We do try to be sensible with patches that don’t increase the game version. These patches have no impact on the ability for players to connect and are only installed when no players are present on the server.

When you encounter a problem in game, e.g. getting stuck, feel free to use global chat to summon an admin. Should all admins be asleep, leave us a note on the forums and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please scroll down for server rules, detailed server information and real time statistics.

ARK Server rules

  1. Camping the spawn points (north, south, east and west beach) is not allowed.
    Please give the other players a fair chance.
  2. Keep the public (voice) chat civil. In tribe chat you can say whatever you like.
  3. Griefing is allowed to an extent. Bases can be damaged, raided and pets can be killed. But please be sensible. Don’t destroy more than necessary. Having to rebuild constantly isn’t fun for anybody.
    Examples of what we classify as griefing:
    – Constantly killing or destroying the bases of lower level player or players that can’t put up a fair fight.
    – Attacking an undefended base is allowed. However, specifically waiting for people to log out in order to destroy their base is not. We realize this is a grey area, so we expect players to be sensible.
    – Excessive destruction is not allowed. Damaging the base in order to gain access is allowed, but please leave a few things standing, so that the other player/tribe doesn’t have to start over from scratch. We’re trying to keep most players happy and active on the server.
    – We will not tolerate victimizing the same tribe/player over and over. Fighting over territory or resources with a rival tribe is of course allowed.
  4. KOS (“Kill on sight”) is allowed! Feel free to slaughter your fellow players as long as you don’t break the camping and the griefing rules. Just don’t complain to the admins when that player strikes back ;-).
  5. Building a base inside of any caves in NOT allowed and if any are found they will be demolished. Bridges and helpful buildings while cave adventuring are allowed.

Not adhering to these rules can result in a warning or a ban.

Server customization

We’ve made some changes compared to the official servers, these include:

  • Wild dino damage: 120%
  • Taming speed: 200%
  • Vegetation spawns closer to structures by 70%.
  • Structure resistance: 200% (to discourage griefing)
  • You can check your location on the map
  • Days last twice as long and nights are unchanged
  • Difficulty: 4.0
  • Max level: 100
  • Egg hatch speed: 300%
  • Baby mature speed: 250%
  • Lay egg interval: 200%

Some small technical changes:

  • AutoSavePeriodMinutes=10
  • AllowThirdPersonPlayer=True
  • AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft=True
  • DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined=False

Backup schedule

We are committed to keeping your progress safe.

  • The world is automatically saved every 10 minutes
  • Every two hours, an entire backup of the server files is made on an other server
    • That’s 12 backups per day
    • All backups for that day are stored separately
    • Backup system has limited bandwidth so we don’t  ruin your ping when playing
    • Files are transferred between severs 5 minutes before every uneven hour
  • Backups are kept for a whole week

In conclusion, we now have 84 backup points we can restore to should any problem arise.

Real time statistics

The information below is fetched real time from our servers. Refresh this page for updated data.