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Ark Digest issue 19


Survival of the Fittest:The Last Stand

Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand Prizes
Community Created Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: Jat

Hey Survivors!

We’re now at the end of our Pre-Championship phase, after a week of intense battles we’re excited to prepare for our Championship game! The 5-hour match is set to launch at 2PM EST on Saturday the 24th of October and will feature over 240 players and will be streamed live with commentary at – be sure to tune in as the best SotF players in the world compete for a ton of prizes, worth $75,000, and get involved with the process by influencing the outcome of the game with your Evolution Event votes! (The server will open to contestants, for Tribe setup, at 12pm EST.)

Qualified Players

After today’s two Loser Bracket Games, these are the open contestants who’ve made it all the way to the Championship:

Loser Bracket Qualified Players

Just a reminder that teams are not locked for the Finale — during the Finale pre-match lobby, qualified players will be granted the opportunity and plenty of time to swap or combine Tribes with others who are also playing in the Finale. Keep in mind that the tribe maximum is set to 6 PLAYERS and alliances will not be tolerated during the event, those found to be forming alliances during battle will find themselves escorted off the ARK by security ;).

All qualified Survivors should be on the lookout for a special friends request and an invite to a private Steam Group. It’s very critical you accept both the friend request and the group invite as it’ll be a place where we’ll be able to directly inform you about anything regarding the Tournament. Those will come out from tonight and tomorrow. If you do not receive one by Thursday Evening please do not hesitate to contact Wildcard Jat and he will sort that out for you.

What’s up for grabs!

Survivors will be competing not only for this fantastic trophy with their names embedded onto the plaque, pride, and bragging rights, but also a whole heap worth of goodies from our fantastic sponsors! Special thanks to NVIDIA, Logitech, CyberPower PC and special thanks to Nitrado for hooking us up with a beast machine to host the event on!

Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand Trophy
Community Created Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: Jat

And as for a more detailed look into what will be awarded to the winners….

First Place

$24,000 – Cash Prize ($4,000 each)
Syber Vapor PC from CyberPower PC! (1 Each)
G410 Atlas Spectrum Logitech Gaming Keyboard (1 Each)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 1st Place Trophy (1 Each)

Second Place

$12,000 Cash Prize ($2,000 each)
G402 Hyperion Fury Logitech Gaming Mouse (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 2nd Place Trophy (1 Each)

Third Place

$6,000 Cash Prize ($1,000 each)
G440 Logitech Gaming Mouse (1 Each)
Unique Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand 3rd Place Trophy (1 Each)

And every participant who participates in the Grand Finale will receive a 100$ Steam Giftcard!

Dry Run

Starting Thursday and through Saturday, the official Survival of the Fittest servers will be reduced to four 100-player servers with 6-player Tribes, and using the final Last Stand Tournament build. We encourage entrants to use these practice their skills and hone their strategies before Saturday’s home! And this Friday we’ll also be launching a special SotF Server for a quick 2.5-hour Dry-Run of our broadcasting setup! It’ll be open to anyone & everyone to participate, not just Last Stat contestants. If there are technical difficulties during the game, we will just proceed to restart and relaunch, perhaps adjusting the length of the game if we feel fit! Each member from the winning tribe of the game will each receive a 100$ Steam Wallet Gift-card!

Be on the lookout for more details Friday, as well as an in game broadcast!

Alienware Modding Contest

download (1)
Alienware Modding
Community Created Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: Jat

Hope you guys haven’t forgotten about the epic modding contest we’ve got going with Alienware! We encourage any and all survivors interested in modding and currently working on their own version of the ARK to submit their mods to the contest! We’ve got loads of prizes up for grabs and are super excited to see your envisions of ARK come to life!

We’ve also recently extended the original deadline, so check out this thread for all the extra details!

Community Crunch Contests

Be sure to check out our two-weekly running contests! ARKitect and ARKArt where we check out the best bases and the best pieces of art in the game! If you’d like to submit your base or something you’ve created in the game, you can check out the entries thread here which will fill you in on all the rules too! Wonder if anyone can whip up a Mosasaur base in time? 😉

Community Crunch Contest Submissions

ARK Digest Q&A

Survivor, tavenknaughtlin asks, “Will the key to throw Mesos/Dimos off your shoulder be reassigned? I’ve fed far too many monkeys to wild alphas as I’m trying to escape on my flyer :(.”
Answer: We’ll go ahead make it a double-tap of the “Use” key, rather than a single-press. That should help 🙂

Survivor, Manks asks, “The Ark Founder Saddle is a really nice looking saddle, but… it can only be placed on the Parasaur. Something which isn’t widely used later on in the game.
Is there any possibility of it being expanded to other Dino’s saddles?”
Answer: We’ll definitely be looking look into more custom saddles the game progresses; needless to say that at the moment our art team at the moment is focused on building out progression-related content! Although you can expect at least one cool Halloween-themed Dino Accessory in Fear Evolved! 😀

Survivor, Rage asks, “What happened with alpha direwolf?”
Answer: Don’t worry, it’s still to come 😉

Survivor, Eldar Seer asks, “Can we get an item to “freeze” baby dinos at certain growth stages? Teacup dino pet industry! Maybe for Tek tier?”
Answer: Yes! Some kind of item would be pretty nice for that! Drake often wish his cats could have been frozen as kittens 😛 At least we can do it in this game!

Survivor, HexWex asks, “Could there be an icon for creatures that are Alpha boosted, similar to the mate boosted or feeding trough icons?”
Answer: Good idea, we can certainly do this.

Survivor, DracoDrake55 asks, “Would the console version of Ark have a way to host your own server and/or mods?”
Answer: It does indeed! At least on Xbox One thus far ;)!

Survivor, Okim asks, “You mentioned once that there will be a 512×512 support for ARK arts. Is there any ETA on this?”
Answer: Yup! We’re still working on this and will try to get this released, just need to test it well to make sure it doesn’t cause any issues.

Survivor, Nui-chan asks, “Would it be possible to have a Halloween mode that single player, non-dedicated host and private server host could toggle on and off after the Halloween event is over?”
Answer: This would probably be best done as a Total Conversion. We’ll give it a shot after the Event 😉

Survivor, Nui-chan also asks, “Roses are red, violets are blue, tarantulas are fluffy, oh how I’d love to ride one, please make my dream come true?”
Answer: We’ll support this starting with ARK: Fear Evolved!

Survivor, Nui-chan also asks, “Will bosses ever have a way to acquire them? Even if not by actually taming them perhaps they could drop an egg we could hatch into our own or a smaller version of the boss?”
Answer: Yup! We have a specific system currently in the works for this. “Boss Wars” – to allow limited control of bosses in the regular game, that if used effectively, will even allow smaller Tribes to take on larger ones!

Survivor, M1uu asks, “Will you add something like a “super refining forge” like we have for meat (industrial grill) fueled with gasoline or even electricity”
Answer: Yup, this Refining Forge!

download (1)
Industrial Forge Concept
Community Created Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: Jat

Survivor, killcod4 asks, “Will we see more cave creatures? We kinda need some new ones for the upcomming caves.”
Answer: Yes, there will be more cave creatures 😉

Survivor, Fourth asks, “Some player tribes have offline owners and not being able to merge with other tribes.kicking them out of the tribe is a problem even when admin, if they quit the server or game or gone for long periods of time or if they delete their character and not being automatically removed from tribe, is there any fix for that soon?”
Answer: Not pre-existing, but we will add a Tribe Governance option for Tribe Owners to allow Tribe Admins to Merge the Tribe. It wouldn’t be proper to make this retro-active to all existing Tribes, however, as a Tribe Owner who is on vacation, for example, may not wish this.

Survivor, Fourth also asks, ”Can we put our specimens we gain from battles on the trophy Mount to display who we killed? Hologram or a name under the specimen?”
Answer: We have a Trophy system which we’re about to roll out! That’ll be the first step for this.

Survivor, Kyrax asks, “Will you create a “hold breath” function for sniper rifles?”
Answer: This is not a bad idea! It could consume Oxygen rapidly. We’ll think on this!

Survivor, cameroonlegend asks, “Will there be bagpipes?”
Answer: Haha, there will definitely be more instruments coming 😉

Survivor, Pebbles-chan asks, “Will we ever be able to briefly leap vertically out of water with very specific leap-adapted mounts?”
Answer: Indeed you will be 😉

Survivor, aobrien234 asks, “Do you have a plan for fixing the dismounting of scorpions, I mean, I like my scorpion, but I don’t want to stand on him for eternity.”
Answer: Aye, v220.3 will fix that.

Survivor, Famulus asks, “I don’t know when they showed up in history (dinos aren’t my area of study) but if there was a prehistoric dung beetle, could we get one, to gather our dino poop?”
Answer: Do you mean this guy?

Dino Dossier
Dossier: Dung Beetle
Community Created Artwork for ARK: Survival Evolved
By: Jat

Survivor, Wiel Ek asks, “Could you guys possibly look into the Broodmother dossier issue? As it stands now, the dossier will only unlock if you deliver the killing blow personally. Having one of your mounts kill it, even when riding on its back, does not award the dossier.”
Answer: That’ll be fixed in v220.3!

Survivor, PrimarchHydra asks, “Can we have a button to quick move items between your inventory and a dino’s or a crate, like O is to drop?”
Answer: Sure, that has now been added in v220.3! And it uses the Shift and Control modifiers as well to affect quantity!

Survivor, Phantasm98532 asks, “Can we get an update on the progress of the vertical Flyer Doors that has been mentioned in Digests Prior?”
Answer: Early November is the aim :)!

Survivor, Warcrime asks, “Can we get a “flee” setting for our dinos? That way instead of sitting there in passive and being killed by a dragonfly, they would at least try to run”
Answer: Yes that’s a pretty good idea! We’ll get to implementing that soon.

Survivor, ivantmyburd asks, “In the past, Drake has had to administer “laxatives” to certain creatures. Do you think an actual in-game laxative could be a thing? I can definitely think of some uses for one.”
Answer: Hahaha yes I think we’ll probably do a laxative item at some point :P!

Survivor, Si… asks, “Can we have a “take all from folder”, instead of a “take all from inventory” button, a few times I’ve clicked the “take all from inventory” and
the entire contents of the vault is in my inventory instead of the contents of the folder I’m in.”
Answer: Certainly that’s a useful idea, we’ll add that shortly!

Survivor, Venum asks, “Since the first pass of breeding is out, I’ve been wondering if we will be able to eventually find wild babies, like a rex or raptor, and hand feed them as the peaceful alternative to taming carnivores?”
Answer: We’re considering it. Very likely, but will need some balancing.

Survivor, Phantasm98532 asks, “Can we modify the Alarm Trap? How about when the Alarm is tripped, any of your tamed dinosaurs within range of the alarm cycle to aggressive to defend against the threat?”
Answer: That’s a good idea. We’ll add it as an option for the Alarm Trap to do that fairly soon.

Survivor, tomb asks, “Our server is getting more and desperate. We REALLY need admin logs soon. Do you have a ETA on that?”
Answer: Early November we’ll unleash the Admin Logs at last! Pardon about the delay!

Surivvor, bradstiles1310 asks, “Could a parachute be punctured by being shot? This could be a realistic addition that could change PVP”
Answer: Hmmm while that would be realistic, it might make being on a parachute a little too dangerously exposed, a few hits and you’re plummeting to your death. You’re still a pretty obvious target for snipers anyway, when parachuting…

Survivor, QC asks, “Any chance for Sibling Boost much like mate boost but for Twins and triplet mammals. Like real human twins they are very protective of each other, or siamese twin where one feels the others pain or emotions but not really like that. Just a siblings booster for twins that run together.”
Answer: Interesting concept QC, we’ll be considering it!

That’s it for this version of the ARK Digest!

Thanks for tuning in and for your continued support everyone!
All the best,
Wildcard Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!

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