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  • KF2 maps updated

    KF2 maps updated

    Hello RageQuitters, We’ve done some maintenance on our KF2 servers and added a few new maps today:Read More »
  • Retiring the ARK server

    Retiring the ARK server

    Dear RageQuitters, Due to the dwindling population of the ARK server, it has been decided that the hardware can best be used for other projects in the future. After the Hibernia tribe left the server this week we were down […]Read More »
  • Dino Dossier Direbear

    Dino Dossier Direbear

    The team at ARK just released a new Dino Dossier, welcome the Direbear ! Common Name: Direbear Species: Arctodus Dirus Time: Mid Pleistocene / Early Holocene Diet: Omnivore Temperament: Territorial Wild: Found primarily among the Island‚Äôs mountain and tundra regions, […]Read More »
  • Ark Digest Issue 20

    Ark Digest Issue 20

    Greeting Survivors! Welcome to the 20st issue of the ARK Digest! To those unaware this is a topic which primarily consist of content to share, made by the community, for the community! As well as any little changes I want […]Read More »
  • dino dossier Diploducus

    dino dossier Diploducus

    The team at ARK just released a new Dino Dossier, welcome the Diploducus! Common Name: Diploducus Species: Diplodocus Insulaprincep Time: Late Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Naive Wild Despite being one of the Island‚Äôs larger creatures,¬†Diplodocus Insulaprincep¬†is among the Island‚Äôs smaller […]Read More »

About RageQuit

RageQuit is a hobby project that aims to provide free low latency game servers to gamers from Belgium and the rest of Western Europe.

RageQuit currently provides 10 Killing Floor 2 servers, 2 Day of Defeat: Source servers and a TeamSpeak server.

This website was created in order to better communicate with the people that play on our servers. We also post news relating to maintenance, updates and scheduled downtime on our servers.

Feel free to register and participate on our forums and connect with your fellow players. You can also create “Create a team/tribe” with your own private forum to manage your clan.